Irish Baptist Historical Society Lecture: A Theology of Worship—Historical and Contemporary Reflections

Thursday, 20th October 2022 19:30 Irish Baptist College, Moira

In recent decades little has been as divisive in local churches as styles of worship. But what is true worship? How has corporate worship developed during the course of church history? What can we learn from the past that will aid us in the present?

To answer these questions, and more, the Principal of the Irish Baptist College, Edwin Ewart, will deliver the final Irish Baptist Historical Society lecture of 2022 entitled A Theology of Worship: Historical and Contemporary Reflections on Thursday 20th October at 7:30pm. The lecture will be held at the College building. 

Image: irish-baptist-historical-society-lecture-a-theology-of-worshiphistorical-and-contemporary-reflections

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