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Judith Whittaker

Ministry Partnership Scheme

Each year at the Irish Baptist College a group of students complete studies for ministry and mission with various College Diplomas and University Degrees. The faculty are particularly pleased with the attainments of our Ministry Preparation students and are confident that with God’s help they will make a valuable contribution to the work of the gospel.

Throughout their courses these students have experienced the Lord's provision in spiritual and practical ways. However, a very real issue often facing the graduates is finding opportunity in Christian service. Churches may be nervous about employing a young person with relatively little experience and Assistantship opportunities are fairly scarce for economic reasons.

How the scheme will assist graduates?

In order to address this situation, the College has launched an initiative designed to give graduates opportunity. The Scheme will offer financial assistance to churches and missionary organisations to take on a graduate as Assistant Pastor or Apprentice Missionary for a set period of time.

The experience gained would be invaluable for the graduate who would then be better-prepared to pastor a church or work in mission whilst at the same time being beneficial to the church or society.

We are persuaded that the scheme will give gifted people a start in ministry and produce confidence in the College training offered. Our goal is to build a fund with the support of churches, individuals and Trust Funds.

Would you consider supporting this initiative as a means of multiplying sound biblical ministry in the Irish context and beyond?

If you would like to give a one-off or regular donation please download and complete the form.

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