I have just graduated from the Women's Ministry Course. It was such a blessing as it expanded my knowledge, taught me to trust, invited me to pray

Dalia Kasperaviciene

Women’s Discipleship Course

This three year course runs on Tuesday evenings from 7.00-9.30pm. There are two one hour lectures each night which you can join in person or over Zoom. Our aim is not only to inform but to equip women to serve more effectively in their local church.


The topics covered include:

Practical Theology Role of Women Trials/Suffering
Christian Life Evangelism Ethics
Living with Purpose Biblical Counselling Introduction Mission
Women's Ministry Apologetics Sharing God's Word


This course is designed for women who want to grow in their faith, their love for the Lord and in their knowledge of his word. It is about discipleship—which is something every women needs.

Completion of the two year course leads to the Certificate in Discipleship Studies and the three year course to the Diploma in Discipleship Studies. A satisfactory level of attendance at the lectures and the submission, each year, of two essays and two practical presentations at an acceptable grade are also required.

To apply for the Women's Discipleship Course, please click here.


Ladies' Study Fellowship (LSF)

The Ladies' Study Fellowship takes place on Thursday mornings (10:00–12:45) at the College building in Moira. This newly revamped course consists of two 12-week semesters, the completion of four classes and the submission of four assignments—there is also time for coffee, fellowship, and prayer. One key benefit of this course is that LSF students sit in the same classes as the Preparation for Ministry students. 

This one year course leads to a Christian Education Certificate (on the basis of at least 75% attendance at classes and the submission of four assignments at an acceptable grade). 

To apply for the Ladies' Study Fellowship course, please click here.
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